About Us

Coventry Motors Marine, ATV & Cycle has been serving the Pottstown area more than 30 years; located on Rt. 100S , just south of Pottstown. We pride ourselves in putting our customers first. Whether you are buying a boat or selling a boat, we will do all that we can to insure that every detail is managed to your satisfaction. We recognize the importance of having a dealer that you can count on to make things happen the way YOU want them.

We’ve got some GREAT deals to meet all your recreational needs. Whether you are upgrading, down-sizing, going faster or slower, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Trade-ins on all recreational vehicles are always welcome. Get started early so there is no question that you’ll have your new boat, jet ski, ATV or motorcycle once the fun season rolls around.

To keep your recreational vehicle in top running condition, allow Coventry Motors Marine, ATV & Cycle to be your servicing dealership.